• I already have some knowledge on whole-body cryotherapy, will this course still benefit me?

    Absolutely! While there are many resources out there that have bits and pieces of information about whole-body cryo, we’ve compiled all the latest research and best practices in one place- so you can reaffirm your existing knowledge while filling in the gaps so you can start putting that knowledge into practice. To make sure we can guarantee you the state of the art knowledge upon completion, we have asked key opinion leaders like Prof. G. Lombardi, Prof. J. Selfe, and dr. J. Costello before the launch to review and endorse our courses. We created our online courses not only as a comprehensive, practical overview of the science and mechanisms behind whole-body cryo, but most of all, we focus on how you should use whole-body cryo to optimize your outcomes. Thereby creating happy clients, athletes, and patients empowering consistent growth in your business and credibility.

  • Is this course only for people with a medical/sports science background?

    No! A basic math and science understanding will help complete this course. This course is created for anyone interested in getting a solid foundation in the science and applications of whole-body cryo. Yes, interpreting science and workings mechanisms is not that easy, evidenced by the many different claims on whole-body cryo you can find on the internet. However, whether you’re a healthcare provider, athletic trainer, strength- or performance coach or manager, practitioner, technician, operator, distributor, or business owner, you’ll find the course content completely comprehensible, you can get in contact with your fellow students at any point during the course to ask their opinion, you’ll have the ability to get a download of the complete script including references of each learning module and have direct access to the instructors in case you have any further questions.

  • How do fellow students perceive this course?

    Many golden nuggets are integrated into the course, and these are probably one of the reasons why upon recent launch, close to eighty registrants have now enrolled our courses: Do you consider whole-body cryo as a one-size-fits-all approach? This should NOT be the case in terms of EFFICACY and SAFETY! For instance, the type of skin is a determining factor for the treatment outcomes. The skin type determines cold sensitivity due to a difference in body composition, vasoconstriction response, increased sympathetic activity, and thinner, longer digits. As stated in the NATA position statement, people with a dark-colored skin type are 2 to 4 times more likely to sustain a cold injury. Therefore, first-time clients with a darker skin type should be treated with more caution, implying a lower treatment intensity. Fellow students perceive this course as very valuable, as can be read in the reviews below from Roderic Harm (distributor), Vivian van Hoof (cryo-owner), and Bart Bibrowicz (Performance coach). Roderic Harm (Cryo unit distributor): “The course has made it possible to understand what whole-body cryo does to you truly. It is the knowledge behind the effects that everyone knows but not always understand correctly. This course allows the whole-body cryo business to become more professional.” Vivian van Hoof (Cryo business owner): “The course met my expectations and was definitely worth the investment. Although I did not have a strong educational background in cryotherapy and what it does to the human body, this course fitted perfectly. What I particularly liked was the fact that this course strongly differentiated from the standard things you read on the internet. Also, the knowledge checks throughout the course stimulate to pay attention. It will help to build my business.” Bart Bibrowicz: “Great course, with great knowledge. The whole-body course is unique and elevates my knowledge to the level I am aiming for in my work with elite Chinese athletes. The quizzes in between the videos make sure you capture the essentials of each lesson.”

  • How will the course content be delivered?

    You are super busy with a million things on your plate. That’s why the “how to use whole-body cryo in practice” course was built with one thing in mind: implementation. We have made all whole-body cryo knowledge accessible in easy to follow, subscripted learning video’s. We laid out all the steps in a crystal clear fashion to optimally start using whole-body cryo so that you don’t have to worry about how to IMPLEMENT the new insights. Instead, at your own pace, you dive in and follow the step-by-step process that guides you towards optimally understanding and using whole-body cryo to help your client, patient, or athlete’s needs. Upon purchase, these video’s become available with an easy to use course portal available on desktop and mobile devices and progress tracking. Between videos, knowledge checks are integrated, ensuring you are ready for the next. For your reference, you can download all scripts (including the references) and easy to use downloads on protocols settings, contraindications, and indications that benefit most. At the end of the course, a final test is integrated.

  • Will I receive a certificate when I complete the course?

    Yes, you will! To receive your certificate of completion, you need to pass the final test at the end of the course ((receive a passing grade of 80% or higher- retakes allowed). There are also optional knowledge checks at the end of each module to re-affirm your learning as you progress through the course and to prepare you for the final exam. After passing your final exam, your certificate of completion is accessible from the course dashboard and is also sent to you via email for your convenience. Next to this certificate of completion and in case of interest, you can receive CEU’s for the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA: 4,5 CEU’s).To claim your CEU's, you need to complete the course, pass the final exam, and ask for your certificate of completion that has the Approved Provider Number on it via [email protected]. You then need to go to the organization site and search the associated online CEU Approved Provider list and select the specific course you just completed.

  • Can you remind me what I am getting when I enroll today?

    Of course😊. When you enroll today you’ll get access to: The FULL course: the advanced course curriculum, including all learning videos, written materials, references, access to the easy to use portal, lifetime access, and (personal) certification. As the NATA endorse the courses, you can now receive your CEU’s as well, and maybe your boss will even pay for it! Bonus #1: Access to additional downloads on, for instance, protocols settings on the ten most common indications, a list of absolute- and relative contraindications that you can use directly in your practice to ensure a safe exposure, and an overview of all indications per domain (like sports, vitality, medical…) that benefit most from using whole-body cryo. Bonus #2: Possibility to get in direct contact with your fellow students and course instructors where you can interact, valuable trade feedback, and receive encouragement every step of the way. Bonus #3: Access to one bonus lesson where we look into the difference between whole-body cryo and cold-water immersion.