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Do you work with cold-water immersion in sports practice or are you planning to do so? Optimize your clinical decision to trigger the best results in a safe way for your athletes, now. Learn all about applying cold-water immersion via this online-accredited essentials course.

  • Gain insights in general principles and working mechanisms

  • Get guidelines for a safe and effective immersion

  • Acquire an overview of the most recent research findings

  • Increase your business by proper solution suggestions

Reviewed by our experts in the field

Reviewed by our experts in the field

Get certified: NATA

Become a cold-water immersion operator

Your learning objectives

At the conclusion of this cold-water immersion essentials course you should be able to:

  • explain the general working principles and working mechanisms

  • Apply the general guidelines for safe and effective immersion.

  • develop proper customized solutions to increase your value for the athlete

Cold-water immersion Essentials Course Curriculum

This course (5 chapters, total time 1,5 hours) contains video's, written materials, a reference list, an easy to use portal and your personal certification.

3 steps to become a certified cold-water immersion operator

  • Water-immersion community

    Start the course and become part of the water-immersion community

  • Complete the course and pass the exam

    Finish chapters 1 to 4 and pass (80% score) the exam (chapter 5)

  • Get your certificate

    Receive your certificate and when desired your continuing education units from the National Athletes Trainer Association (NATA)

What our clients say

Bart Vromans (exercise physiologist Topsupport)

"Practical support for better application"

Bart Vromans (exercise physiologist Topsupport)

In my role I work closey with athletes at all levels. More and more they ask for guidance in their recovery regimes. This course supports the use of cold-water immersion in a great way: it helps me in my role to properly advice my athletes. Thanks!